# WordPress Plugin

Easily add Glade's payment form to any page or post using simple shortcode. A few other customization options are available as well.

# Install

You can install from within WordPress using the Plugin/Add New feature, or if you wish to manually install:


Download the plugin. Click Here (opens new window)

Upload glade-checkout folder to the /wp-content/plugins/

# Activate

Activate the plugin from the plugin page in your WordPress Dashboard Activate

# Configure

Nagivate to the Glade settings and edit the page appropately and click on save to effect the change Activate

Once you save you can begin to use the payment button shortcode within your posts, pages and directly from other plugins.

[glade firstname="John" lastname="Doe" email="doe@example.com" phone="08098765432" amount="20000" currency="NGN" country="NG"] An example with all the default attributes used.

Read more on how to configure your shortcode in the Help menu. Activate